Meet Your Monger: Caroline Hesse of C.Hesse Cheese

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October's edition of Meet Your Monger features a frightfully impressive cheese professional: Caroline Hesse, founder and owner of C.Hesse Cheese. Caroline is no stranger to the cheese industry, having worked as a cheesemaking apprentice, cheesemonger, and head of sales for Crown Finish Caves until their recent closure. Now, Caroline is making a name for herself (a name that is ironically similar to the word "cheese") in New York's distribution scene. C.Hesse Cheese is a Brooklyn-based cheese distributor that serves NYC's best cheese counters and restaurants, but Caroline also sells direct to consumer via her website, and ships wholesale product nationally. Caroline works directly with local importers and producers all over the US and the world to bring a unique variety of artisan cheeses and other products to her customers. She's also become known in the industry for consistently providing cheese that arrives in truly impeccable shape, and for keeping special projects like King's Ransom and Bufarolo alive after Crown Finish Caves' closure. Keep reading below to find out why Caroline loves using Formaticum products! 

What inspired you to pursue a career in cheese?
I grew up in the food and hospitality industry and knew I always wanted to pursue a career in it, but it wasn’t until after college that I discovered my love for all things cheese. I did a brief stint as a cheesemaking apprenticeship at Cricket Creek Farm in Massachusetts and it was there that I realized I wanted a career in cheese somehow. 

How do you use Formaticum products in your business?
I am constantly breaking down large wheels of cheese, and I always go the One-Ply Cheese Paper Roll. It’s a workhorse for any monger.  For smaller format things like direct-to-consumer and samples, I love the Brown Alios greaseproof paper - it’s so nice and elegant and it keeps the cheese so fresh. I also love the Cheese Storage Bags. I sell them at my pop-ups and it’s also what I use in my house!
What is your favorite Formaticum product and why?
The One-Ply paper for its versatility!


If you were a cheese, which one would you be and why?
Impossible question! But I think it’d be a washed rind of some sort, like a Taleggio or Bufarolo from Quattro Portoni. I will not elaborate. 


What is one thing you wish consumers knew about artisan cheese?
I feel like my customers are pretty well versed in cheese, but I do wish more people saw it as the an approachable, everyday luxury and not just something for special occasions. 
What is your favorite cheese storage fact?
The best place to store cheese is in your stomach. 

Follow Caroline on Instagram @chesse_cheese to stay in the know about new product drops, special events, and pop-up dates. 

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