Best Materials for Wrapping Butter

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As cheesemongers, we are responsible for more than just cheese. The definition of a cheesemonger is someone who handles butter, cheese, and other dairy products - and while cheese is certainly at the forefront, butter should also be treated with just as much care and attention.

After all, butter is sometimes a byproduct of cheesemaking and represents the hard work of humans and animals alike. But not all butter is created equal - many well-known cheese producers also make butter, and in staggering varieties - salted, unsalted, cultured, sweet cream, whey cream, flavor added…some European butters are even named protected! 

Adding a cut-to-order butter to your counter is not only visually exciting but also convenient, and allows your customers to buy only what they need, when they need it, ensuring freshness. Adding a variety of different butter styles, even in retail packaging, ensures your customers can get exactly what they need, whether they are cooking, baking, or just snacking on a well-made baguette. 

You may also consider making and selling compound butters with seasonal ingredients like ramps or Calabrian chilies. This is a great way to reduce food waste and provide your customers with a great added value product. 

No matter what kind of butter you stock, you will need the right packaging. Formaticum's packaging offerings extend beyond cheese - we also carry many bulk wrapping materials that are perfect for butter! Each one of the materials mentioned below is imported from France, a country well known for its excellent butter. 

Our Super Wax sheets are leak-proof and allow your customers to see the product inside, while Brown Alios provides that classic French kraft brown look while preventing butterfat stains. Even High Lawn Farm in Lee, MA uses our Greaseproof Sheets to wrap their butter and keep it looking and tasting as fresh as the day it was made. Plus, all of these materials are plastic-free and commercially compostable, and do not contain PFAs, BPAs, or BPH, making them a great addition to your store, especially during Earth Month.

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