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Get your brand into your customers' homes.

The finest cheese purveyors send their customers home with product wrapped in custom-printed packaging. Having your name and logo advertised on your product allows your customer to take your brand with them. All our materials are available for custom printing, so you can place your brand directly into your customers' refrigerators. This way, whether they savor your shop's delicacies bit by bit, or share it with friends for a get-together, everyone will know exactly where to go to restock.

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Everything you need to know about our custom printing materials

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Prepare Your design

Instructions for designing your custom cheese packaging for custom printing

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Our Custom Printing Products

Two Ply

Two Ply

Our bestselling Two-Ply is the material in our retail packs and is the preferred packaging of the finest cheese purveyors in France, and now, the US.

One Ply

One Ply

Based on the composition of our best selling Two-Ply, this material is sprayed with polyethylene allowing us to offer it in both sheets and rolls.



Antibacterial and 100% recyclable. Ovtene is scientifically proven to restrict bacterial growth and prevent spoilage.



Clear and Biodegradable. Cellophane is avialabe in sheets and rolls.

Formaticum Cheese

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