Our Story

Protecting the life of cheese and defending its flavor since 2006

Cheese is a delicacy, and an often expensive one, at that. We work directly with leading European manufacturers to bring you the same specialty materials used by the finest European cheese purveyors. Our cheese storage paper and bags will help you savor every last bite, just as the cheesemaker intended.


I'm Mark Goldman, the owner and founder of Formaticum. I've been working in the cheese business since 2004, and immediately upon discovering my love of cheese I dedicated myself to eating as many different types of cheese as possible.

How cool is that Cheese ATM?

This sent me on a cheese pilgrimage to Paris. Picture my first night in the city: after a day of exploring cheese shops, I spread out my bounty over the bed and took in the aromatic funk of at least forty varieties of cheese. There was camembert, brie de meaux and vacherin mont d’or, all raw milk and delicious! As I sipped my wine, I admired the assortment of materials wrapping my bounty. What were these materials? And how cool was it that they were all branded with the name of the purveyor so I could remember where I had purchased them?

The packaging differentiated these cheeses and, in a way, made them look noble. By the end of my trip, I'd driven to factories all over France to learn everything I could about cheese packaging: That it not only looks good, but protects flavor and allows for proper oxygen exchange, letting cheese breathe. After all, cheese is alive. Let's not suffocate it and let it spoil before we can eat it.

Since that trip to Paris in 2005, I've dedicated myself to honoring the makers and defending flavor.


It's not all about cheese.

We are dedicated to making our ecological footprint as small as possible and we believe in treating workers fairly and with integrity. We only work with companies that share these same principles. Our European manufacturers uphold the most robust standards of quality for product performance, food safety, and for the protection and well-being of their employees.

Since our founding in 2006, we've worked with ARCs for the repackaging of our retail products. ARCs are community organizations that provide employment for people with intellectual and development disabilities. Learn more about their work here.