What's New: Letting Cheese Breathe

Posted by Mark Goldman on

Most cheese lasts longer if stored in a breathable wrap instead of non-porous plastic film. That's why the best cheese retailers send shoppers home with their purchases wrapped in coated paper. Now consumers can buy the same material for home use, for rewrapping cheese leftovers or any cheeses purchased in plastic film. Formaticum cheese paper comes in 15-sheet packages, each two-ply sheet measuring 11 by 14 inches. The paper has a light wax coating on the outside to repel moisture and a porous film inside that prevents condensation on the cheese surface. The package ($7.50) includes 15 adhesive-backed labels so you can identify the cheese inside.
Available at Rainbow Grocery and Bi- Rite Market in San Francisco, Oxbow Cheese Merchant in Napa and some Whole Foods.

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