What is Cheese Paper?

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Finally, cheese storage made simple!  Formaticum cheese paper is specifically designed to keep cheese fresh and delicious.  Our two-ply cheese paper simulates the cheese cave environment.

It’s time to start treating cheese like any other highly perishable product – and that means proper handling and storage. There is a common misconception that cheese can last for long periods of time.  Not true! Most cheese has a finite shelf life.

Only whole wheels of cheese are aged.  Once a wheel is cut into retail-sized pieces, the cheese is much more delicate and susceptible to rapid deterioration.  This is when proper handling and storage can mean the difference between eating vibrant and delicious cheese or dead and rotten cheese.

Our two-ply cheese paper maintains proper humidity and allows adequate oxygen exchange to keep cheese alive and tasty.  Formaticum cheese paper will be the difference between good cheese and bad cheese.

Our unique map of the United States featuring thirteen small-batch cheese producers is the first of its kind.  We aim to support the growth of the domestic small-batch cheese industry. We hope the map will promote consumption and increase awareness of the many great domestic cheeses available in stores across the country.

Why Choose Formaticum Cheese Paper?

  • Cheese is living and needs to stay alive to taste its best.
  • Conventional food storage materials are non-porous.
  • Non-porous materials suffocate and kill cheese, making it smell and taste like ammonia.   
  • Non-porous materials trap all moisture, allowing water to accumulate as drops that cause surface mold and accelerate spoilage.
  • Save the life of your cheese by using Formaticum Cheese Paper!

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