Cheese Wrapping Guide with Formaticum Paper

Posted by Emilia D'Albero on

If a customer has ever said to you, "Wow, you're great at wrapping cheese! Will you wrap my Christmas presents?" then now is your time to shine behind the counter.  Wrapping your cheese elegantly and neatly in Formaticum cheese paper not only elevates the sales experience for the customer, but also preserves the freshness and flavor of your cheese, ensuring that your customers can experience the cheese in peak condition, even after days in their fridge.

We offer a variety of different materials to properly care for all types of cheese, from blue cheese to the most delicate of bloomy rinds. Check out our video below where we show you different techniques for wrapping different shapes of cheese in our cheese paper. We will also introduce you to our best-selling retail Cheese Storage Bags, so that you can provide your customers with the opportunity to have professional-quality cheese storage at home in a user-friendly bag format. 

Tips for wrapping cheese in paper:

1. Don't rush. We know the holidays can be busy and stressful, but taking the extra few seconds to wrap slowly and neatly and present them with an attractive piece will impress your customer. 

2. Choose the right size paper for your piece of cheese, and cut paper in half for smaller pieces instead of bunching it up under the sticker.

3. Make sure your folds are tight and angles are sharp. This will help you avoid unsightly creasing and wrapping your cheese tightly improves the performance of the paper. 

4. Always place your sticker or scale tag on a flat surface, and avoid putting the barcode on an angle. 

Wrapping cheese beautiful and effectively is a great way to honor the work of farmers, cheesemakers, affineurs, and everyone in between. Show us your wrap skills by posting a video and tagging us @formaticum on Instagram and TikTok and we will share your video! 



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