Choose Cheese Paper! Here's Why.

Posted by Emilia D'Albero on

If your display cheese or backstock in your walk-in is drying out too quickly or developing surface mold before it even makes it into your cheese case, it's time to make the switch from plastic wrap to Formaticum professional cheese paper. Our paper is made in Europe and specially designed to help preserve the freshness and flavor of your cheese so that your customers can experience the cheese in peak condition. We offer a variety of different materials to properly care for all types of cheese, from blue cheese to the most delicate of bloomy rinds. 

Unlike plastic wrap, which suffocates your cheese by trapping moisture and allowing excess mold growth, Formaticum cheese paper allows your cheese to breathe while maintaining the right humidity levels to prevent your cheese from drying out. Our Classic Sheets & Rolls are a layer of waxed paper laminated to a thin sheet of food-grade polyethylene, while our Zero sheets offer the same performance without any plastic, and our new Reusable Sheets can be washed and air-dried many times over. 

The biggest advantage of using Formaticum cheese paper is that it can significantly extend the shelf life of your cheese, ensuring that your customers receive the highest quality product possible. Cheese is a living product, and plastic wrap can leach harmful chemicals into the cheese over time, as well as affect the flavor. Formaticum cheese paper does not contain any harmful chemicals and will not affect the flavor of your cheese.

We also offer our best-selling cheese storage products in retail format Cheese Bags & Sheets so that you can provide your customers with the opportunity to have professional-quality cheese storage at home. This not only helps to build customer loyalty but can help raise basket averages as well, especially during gifting season!

If you are looking for another way to honor the work of farmers, cheesemakers, affineurs, and everyone in between, consider making the switch to Formaticum cheese storage products. Your cheese (and your customers) will thank you!

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