Monthly Recap: January 2024

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As we wind down from the excitement of the winter holidays, we know that it's important for cheesemongers to take some time to relax, recharge, and recover. If your New Year's resolution was to learn something new, we've got good news for you - we put together a concise list of the topics we've covered on the blog and social media this month. From counter service tips to cheese serving suggestions, we've covered a wide range of topics. So take the next few minutes, grab a cozy blanket and a cup of tea, and read on to find out what the Formaticum team has been up to this month. 

Right after New Year's Day, we got to work tackling the age-old question: how long will my cheese last in the fridge? Read this post and watch our short video below to learn more about how to rotate and store your cheese selection to preserve the flavor of your cheese. Moving cheese in a timely manner can promote repeat business and shows respect for the work of cheesemakers. 



We wanted to keep the cozy vibes going even after the holidays, so we hosted a Raclette night to provide you with tried and true serving and pairing suggestions for everyone's favorite hot, melty cheese. Read this post to learn more about the history of this iconic cheese and how to maximize your Raclette sales by offering a varied and comprehensive selection in your case. 



Wires and hollow knives and offset blades, oh my! The choices for cheese tools can seem endless, but we're here to guide you. Read this post to learn how to perfectly pair different knives and tools with different styles of cheese, and why it's important to carry a sense of pride in your work through every sales interaction. The below video includes tutorials on how to use each of our knives and other cheese tools to get the perfect cut, every time!



You "cheddar" believe we finished the month out with an in-depth discussion about one of America's favorite cheeses. With the variety of cheddars available on the market being almost as vast as the number of cows who produce the milk to make them, it's important to work with your customers to select the cheese that is right for their needs. In this blog post, we discuss how to talk to your customers about cheddar in a way that forms a connection between them, their monger, and their cheese, and hopefully will have them coming back to give you more of the cheddar in their wallet. 



Thanks for joining us this month! Check back in February for more service tips, cheese history, wrapping tutorials, and so much more. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube

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