New Product: Custom Cheese Case Signs

Posted by Emilia D'Albero on

We all know how important signs are when it comes to navigating a cheese case - customers can feel overwhelmed at a large counter, adrift in a sea of cheese they may have never even heard of before. Cheese signs help demystify the intimidating wall of curd and put your customers more at ease. A familiar country flag, a few tasting notes, or even a funny joke in a brief description may catch a customer's eye and encourage them to interact with their monger instead of heading straight for the grab and go case. 

But cheese signs can be time consuming, expensive, and labor intensive - cheese prices fluctuate, not everyone has great hand writing, and if you're lucky enough to have a graphic designer on hand, chances are they won't be thrilled about the prospect of laminating and meticulously cutting hundreds of cheese signs that will likely need to be printed again in the next few months with a new price anyway. And where do those pesky sign holders keep disappearing to?!

If these problems sound all too familiar, we would like to present you with a solution in the form of our newest program: Custom Cheese Case Signs! Let us handle the signs so that you can focus on handling the cheese. Customize your signs with any information you want - producer, country flag of origin, heat treatment, rennet type…the options are limitless. You can choose from a variety of design templates, or create your own, and even use your own font! Start with blank signs for each milk type, or use your core cheeses and holiday favorites - the signs are completely customizable for your needs. 

These signs are made of sturdy plastic, about the thickness of a credit card, that won't be affected by high humidity like laminated paper signs. You can also use a black marker to conveniently and easily change the price of the cheese whenever necessary. We also offer sleek and sturdy sign holders that firmly hold the sign upright without rusting or poking into the cheese itself. 

For more information about our custom sign program, email! 

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